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My mare Faith coliced and I thought it might have been a result of her bolting her feed too fast. I started searching for ways to slow her down at feed time. I was looking for a feeder that had holes or bumps to slow her down. Then I saw the PRE-VENT Feeder advertised on Craig Cameron’s show on RFD-TV and knew it was the solution. The large PRE-VENT Feeder is much bigger than I thought it would be, but it works great! She seems to enjoy eating her grain now and it has doubled the time it takes her to finish eating!

Jackie E. — North Carolina

I have a Quarter horse mare who is 25 years old. I have had her since she was 2. I have always fed her hay, but in her old age, she could not chew her food properly. My vet told me to feed her hay pellets, I did so, she improved in every way, except, she began eating the pellets too quickly. I ordered a PRE-VENT Feeder to slow her down and it definitely helped. This is a great product and I would recommend it.

Thanks, Sheryl — California

My horse used to throw his feed out of the bucket and waste over half of the feed. Now with his PRE-VENT Feeder, none of his feed is wasted and it has slowed him down from bolting his feed. I am very pleased with this product and I will order more feeders for my barn.

Sabine L. — Florida

My horse had an issue with throwing his grain. Most of it ended up everywhere but his mouth! The barn manager where I board saw your product at the World Equestrian Games and asked if I'd be willing to try it. I did, we are both pleased and would definitely recommend it.

Nicole S. — New York

What prompted me to review the PRE-VENT Feeder was a three year old Quarter horse gelding that choked on pellets. I was feeding all of our horses in corner feeders at about 38" high. Everything seemed fine until Ziggy choked, it was a very scary situation. I think the choke episodes may have cause long term esophageal issues, like scar tissue. So they are more prone to Choke now. Our horses would turn their heads sideways and scoop as much feed into their mouths as possible and try to swallow without chewing properly! I saw the PRE-VENT Feeder on RFD-TV and decided to give it a try. We have not had any problems at feed time since! Thank you for a horse feeder that works!

Sincerely, Keith & Carolyn T. — Seymore, Indiana

We have a mare that was eating very fast and we were afraid she would take in too much air. With her new PRE-VENT Feeder she has to work to get her feed. It has slowed her down and she gets every morsel. She used to feed from a small container and would drop feed all around it in the dirt. Now because of the PRE-VENT Feeders large size, if she does drop any feed it falls right back into the feeder and she's not eating off of the dirty ground. We are very happy with our PRE-VENT Feeder.

Thank You! Beverly — California

I saw a commercial on RFD-TV for the PRE-VENT Feeder and decided to purchase one for my greedy eater "Shorty". He wastes about 30% of his feed every feeding. Shorty has been on a PRE-VENT Feeder for 2 months now and it has slowed his eating down and there is no more wasted feed. Fantastic product, I made a great purchase that helps my horse and my pocket book. Thank you for inventing a great product that helps the equine world!

Clay J. — Nevada