Pre-Vent Feeders

Our Horse Feeder that slows the ingestion of feed & supplements. The feeder can also be used to feed alfalfa pellets & cubes as well as other types of hay pellets.*



How It Works

  • PRE-VENT Feeder’s® patent pending design was specifically created to increase feed time by slowing down the rate at which a horse ingests its feed.
  • PRE-VENT Feeders® encourage the horse to keep its head down in a natural feeding position, as the horse must work to get the feed out of each of the compartments with its tongue and lips, one cup at a time.
  • The PRE-VENT Feeder® will pay for itself in no time at all! When horses bolt their feed, they normally overfill their mouths and drop feed & expensive supplements into shavings, manure or sand. Which can lead to Sand Colic, parasite ingestion and a lot of wasted money.


A 1-year limited warranty and must be installed according to manufacturers and it must be registered with us. Register the warranty by sending an email to

*Soaked is recommended by most veterinarians.

Add Some Color to Your Barn!

The Small  PRE-VENT Feeder® is available in black (or pink for breast cancer awareness). The Original PRE-VENT Feeder® is available in black  only. The Small PRE-VENT Feeder® will soon be available in a variety of colors.