About Pre-Vent Feeders

PRE-VENT Feeder’s® patent pending design was specifically created to increase feed time by slowing down the rate at which a horse ingests its feed.


Pre-Vent Slow Horse Feeders

Better for your horses’ health. Better for your bottom line.

The Pre-Vent® Feeder is the first and only horse feeder designed to imitate a horse’s natural grazing behavior and address poor feeding behaviors such as aggressive eating. The feeder’s patent pending wide base and angled compartments are designed to force a horse to use his tongue and lips to retrieve small amounts of feed, requiring him to concentrate and keep his head down while feeding.

The Pre-Vent Feeder was developed by a horse owner who witnessed a severe choke episode on a horse in her care. After more than a decade of searching for solutions and designing prototypes, the Pre-Vent Feeder was born. Since its introduction, the Pre-Vent Feeders team has heard from hundreds of horse owners and veterinarians about the simple effectiveness of the product.

See our Video on YouTube for No-Tip outdoor installation directions. Stop those horses that like to dump their feed on the ground to eat! Attaching the feeder outdoors with hardware onto the top rim as well as directly below with hardware that is included will prevent your horse from being able to tip your large feeders over. EZ to attach and EZ to take off to wash or empty any rainwater!

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Slow Horse Feeder

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