Pre-Vent Feeder Information


What Size Feeder Does My Horse Need?

What size Feeder your horse needs is dependent not only on their head size but the problem you are attempting to solve. You know what size halter they wear, So here we going to talk about the problem your horse has developed.

We all know by now that “Slower is Better”, as is the natural positioning of their Feeders, where lower can be better if you want to follow the trend that seems to make sense, horses are naturally ground feeders.

But keep in mind throwing it on the ground on hay flakes or spreading it on a mat (as recommended by some on the internet) it can get stepped on by the horse or mixed into manure. And most horses are too smart for rocks in a bucket or pan feeder.

The Larger Feeder is recommended for:

  • Choke Prone horses
  • Regardless of your horse breed, if your horse wears a Large, TB, Warmblood, or Draft size halter
  • Your horse slings their feed over the sides of their present feeder

The Smaller Feeder is recommended for:

  • For horses that you are just trying to slow down their intake of their feed
  • These horses normally wear Horse, Arabian, Pony sized halters
  • These are 14.3h & under Quarter Horses, Arabians, Morgans, and similarly built breeds with average size or heads. Wearing horse size halters (not your very large & taller QH’s with larger-sized heads)

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