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General Questions

A: If your horse has ever suffered a choke episode they need the large feeder. If they are a large breed horse or if your horse wears a large size halter, then you need a large feeder. If your horse wears a small to medium to halter, they can normally use a small feeder, unless they are a choker.

A: PRE-VENT Feeders were designed with a horse’s large head in mind. The sloped walls give the horse the access he needs to move his tongue and lips from one compartment to the next with ease. The large size and patent pending “compartments” encourage your horse to keep his head down, which helps him focus on chewing, this increases saliva flow. Also, ask yourself should a 1000lb+ animal be feeding from the same size feeder as a 100lb animal (your dog)?
A: Have you ever noticed that no matter what you feed your horse out of, he/she tries to dump it on the ground? This is because they feel most comfortable feeding from the ground, it’s natural for them. We recommend installing your PRE-VENT Feeder® close to the ground to mimic this behavior. If he still spills his feed, it may not have been installed as recommended. No problem, just check out our installation instructions here: (Installation instructions.) If you feed from a pan feeder on the ground and your horse dumps it, its because they like to spread it out trying to avoid supplements that they think are in there, whether there are or not. With PRE-VENT Feeders they cannot do this. If you have done this and are still experiencing a problem, contact us, we’ve been able to rectify most scenarios we’ve come across.
A: A drill, ¼” drill bit, Screw driver (either), pliers, and a tape measure will get you started.
A: Slow is good! “Slower Horse Feeding” is one of the main reasons we’ve created these horse feeders. The patent pending design prevents the horse from bolting large mouthfuls of feed; this is key to preventing choke with a PRE-VENT Feeder®. If you allow your horse to bolt his feed, you are allowing him to skip one of the most important parts of the feeding process, the part where he actually chews it. When your horse chews his feed thoroughly, it receives a nice coat of saliva that is crucial to the digestive process. A reduced risk of Choke is a huge benefit your horse will experience when feeding with a PRE-VENT Feeder®.

A: Yes, (Texas A&M Study Link) a study was done in 2011 at Texas A&M University’s Department of Animal Science. In this study, 9 quarter horse geldings were fed twice daily for 3 days. The Original PRE-VENT Feeder® fared favorably when compared to two other popular feeders. It was shown to increase feed times by 30% on average and in the same study; it also minimized feed waste by almost 25% as published in The Equine Journal of Veterinary Science.

A: Horses are large. If you need a smaller feeder; check out the small PRE-VENT Feeder it’s 1/3 smaller than the original, it is perfect for horse owners with space limitations.
A: Because your horse deserves more than that. Also, we started the design process using several different shapes and ideas; we tried everything to get to this design. There were definitely muffin tin tests and the horses won every time.

A: No, it is included. Hardware must be installed correctly in order to enforce the warranty.

Ordering and Shipping

A: Shipping is included and is Free with all Pre-Vent Feeder products.

The large feeders are 7.1 pounds each and the small feeders are 3.5 pounds each. Individual hardware packs weigh 1 pound each.

*Please email info@mypre-ventfeeders.com us for rates on pallet shipment prices (LTL shipping rates) on farm and ranch prices as well as retail shipping pricing.

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